AKA... El Borko!

El Borko plays daily, guitar and ukulele.


He writes his own songs, some are quirky and wrong.


He has travelled the land doing solos and bands.


He did country and rock and occasional schlock.


The songs he plays now are both soulful and true. 


Favorite songs you forgot that you knew!

The Miller Brothers Band

The Miller Brothers Band of Eugene, Oregon play Soul, R&B and retro hits from their debauched collective youth. Their rich vocal harmonies and powerful groove is fun for dancing. Formidable frontman Steve Miller (not the famous one) sings like a mix of Wilson Pickett and John Fogerty. Steve's brother Tim plays bass and acts as the responsible adult for the group. Groove-meister Jeff has played with a host of popular local bands in Eugene and is indispensable on vocals. El Borko on guitar...

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Miller Bros. Band website:


Who is El Borko?

picture of brook adams

Parents, name your children well. Don't make their name too hard too spell.

To honor some obscure relation. My folks gave me this apellation...

Brook Adams says; "Don't Google me". Oh man... I hate the letter "E"!

For dudes you need to add an "S". The "E" is used for chicks I guess.

So My Name ending with a "K", Has caused a lifetime of dismay.

Lady wrestlers, actors, "geez", And other stuff too wierd too see.

I had to re-arrange my name. And so "El Borko" I became.

Upcoming Shows

  • 02/05/2018
    Territorial Vineyards - Eugene, OR
  • 02/10/2018
    Lavelle Vineyard - Elmira, Oregon
  • 02/23/2018
    The Strum Shop - Roseville, California

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