They call him... El Borko!

El Borko, from the southwest, stays in the northwest because... water. Geologically speaking, he is young. His early memories are of Buck Owens and the Norman Luboff Choir. The little Borkito was raised in New Mexico on Hatch chili and nuclear fallout.

Then he learned guitar, which transformed his feverish imagination. In dreams he surfed towering waves of stratocaster twang with drums and bass crashing all around. His amplifier tubes glowed like hot lava plunging into the eternal sea.

So what does El Borko do then? Does he sing or play or what? The answer is, "yes", "yes", and "yes". El Borko plays surfy twang, retro pop, and favorite songs you forgot you knew. Sometimes he plays ukulele because the desert in his soul was once a prehistoric sea.

The Miller Brothers Band

The Miller Brothers Band of Eugene, Oregon play Soul, R&B and retro hits from their debauched collective youth. The rich vocal harmony and powerful groove is fun for dancing.

 - Formidable frontman Steve Miller sings like a mix of Wilson Pickett and John Fogerty.

- Steve's brother Tim plays bass and acts as the responsible adult for the group.

- Groove-meister Jeff Alberts on drums, vocals and reluctant designated driver.

- El Borko on guitar and vocals...

 Listen to the Miller Bros: