Party In The Cemetery

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Performer: The Swingin' Marmalukeys
Writer: Brook Adams


Tim Miller on bass and vocals, Jon Neher on dobro and vocals.


I wanna party in the cemetery, I wanna boogie with the dead and buried.

My cousin Otis and my brother Larry. I wanna take you there now.

I wanna boogie with the freaks and winos, career criminals and strange albinos.

'Cause they're the only kinda people I know. I wanna take you there now.

And party in the cemetery cemetery, we're gonna get behind the eight ball.

Cemetery cemetery, nobody's gonna make no phone call.

Cemetery cemetery, the dead are neither hale nor hearty.

Cemetery cemetery, nobody's gonna complain about our party.

We'll be belligerent buncha boozers, throwin' bottles at police cruisers.

And they'll arrest us like a buncha losers. And then the party is through.

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